Nissan Safety Features


Intelligent Emergency Braking
Assists in avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians ahead
This technology detects potential forward obstacles and assists drivers in avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, as well as reducing damage caused by collisions.


Rearview Monitor
Nissan has developed a rearview mirror with a built-in LCD monitor displaying images from a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This Intelligent Rearview Mirror allows the driver the ability to switch between the LCD monitor and the standard rearview mirror, depending on the driver's preference.

Blind Spot Warning
The system recognizes when another vehicle is traveling diagonally behind the driver's car and signals the presence of the vehicle using indicators in the vehicle. These indicators are often found on either the side view mirror or the A-pillar (the part of the car body separating the door window and the windscreen). The driver is alerted to the presence of the other vehicle by the flashing indicator and an audible signal.


Around View Monitor With Moving Object Detection
Around View® Monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual composite 360° bird's-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views. And since all obstacles aren't stationary, the available Moving Object Detection system can warn you about moving objects detected in your vicinity. Only available on select Nissan models.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TPMS monitors tires for low inflation pressure, which can shorten tire life and reduce the load-carrying capabilities of the vehicle. Using an icon on the dash, the system lets you know when tire pressure is low. As you fill your tires, the available Easy-Fill Tire Alert flashes the car's lights and sounds a friendly beep of the horn when they have enough air. Standard on all Nissan models.

Driver Attention Alert
An American Automobile Association study estimates that an average of 328,000 automobile accidents can be attributed to fatigued driving every year on American roads. * That's why we developed the Driver Attention Alert system, or DAA. This forward-thinking technology works by monitoring your steering patterns. Should the system detect any unusual steering activity, it will alert you audibly with a chime, and visually by lighting a coffee cup icon on your display, letting you know it may be time for a break. Only available on select Nissan models.