Nissan Child Seat Fit Guide

Parents know that finding the right child seat is an important part of protecting our children on the road. And Nissan has always recognized that the safety of all of our passengers lies in the core of everything we do.

Which is why Nissan has introduced a new safety initiative, the first program of its kind in the automotive industry, geared specifically toward car seat safety for children. The Nissan Child Safety Seat Fit Guide, known as Snug Kids™, was developed to assist Nissan and INFINITI customers in identifying the right child seat for their vehicle.

The Snug Kids™partnership has allowed the participating child seat manufacturers and Nissan to work together to make it easier than ever before for parents to confidently select the right safety seat for their child.

Snug Kids™ safety seat guides for every Nissan vehicle are available in the individual vehicle Safety sections.

Making Safety a Priority
Since its launch in January 2002, the Nissan Snug Kids™ Child Safety Seat Fit Guide has attracted the attention of national media and major safety organizations. This effort has been applauded and recognized as the first safety education program of its kind to provide parents and caregivers with specific information relating to child seat safety.

The Snug Kids™ partnership formed between the participating child seat manufacturers and Nissan has been a great step forward in lessening the confusion that so many parents face when selecting the right safety seat for their child. Statistics show that placing a child in an appropriate child seat can reduce their risk of fatality in a car crash by as much as two-thirds.

Nissan believes that the Snug Kids™ Child Safety Seat Fit Guide can help save children's lives and looks forward to continuing this program in years to come.

Child Safety Basics

A few simple guidelines can help you get the greatest benefit from your child safety seat.
  • Do place the safety seat in the back seat of the vehicle.
  • Do attach the safety seat to the vehicle using safety belts and/or anchors.
  • Do secure the child snugly in the safety seat using the safety seat harness.
  • Do position the safety seat harness clip at the child's armpit level.
  • Do choose the appropriate safety seat for your child's weight and age;

It is also important to use the right seat for your child:
  • Birth to 1 year; up to 20-22 pounds: Rear-facing seat.
  • At least 1 year up to 4 years: Front-facing seat.
  • At least 4 years up to 10 years: Booster seat.
You should also take care to avoid these common misuses of child safety seats:
  • Don't install the seat in the vehicle too loosely: you should not be able to move the seat an inch or more sideways or forward.
  • Don't place infants in forward-facing seats too soon: rear-facing seats are the proper choice for children younger than 12 months and/or lighter than 20 pounds.
  • Don't improperly route or adjust the safety seat harness.
  • Don't improperly position the retaining clip.
  • Don't stop using booster seats too soon - booster seats are appropriate for children up to 10 years old.

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